Why Natural Remedies Alone Aren’t the Magic Bullet to Depression and Social Anxiety

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Herbal over the counter pills, which dont require a prescription, are very popular for treating depression or anxiety. Over time the increase of complementary medicines has been hugely profitable for its producers and aggressively marketed. But the effectiveness of these supplements has yet to be fully proven by thorough research.

The cost of some products like, adenosyl-methionine (SAMe), which said to help mood support and joint comfort, will cost you as much as $70 per week. On the other hand traditional remedies would not cost as much.  But again, a group of people are questioning their reliability and effectiveness. Some research says the benefits you can get from remedies like chamomile, lemon balm and bacopa are little more than a plcebo. They may work for some, but among the medical community the jury is still out.

Senior Research Fellow Dr Jerome Sarris from the University of Melbourne’s Department of Psychiatry said, “We’re seeing an increase in the use of complementary medicines for mental health conditions, but while some have evidence that they work to some degree, others have very little data to support their use or none at all. People need to know which products have proof to back up their claims and   be aware of potential interactions with prescription drugs.”

Even natural remedies can have side effects

There are a lot of different supplements and herbal remedies sprouting everywhere which claims to cure depression and social anxiety. But a lot of these products have its downsides. Take for example the infamous plant kava which has evidently shown its benefit for social anxiety. However, UK and Europe have withdrawn the use of the plant because of how it endangers the toxicity of the liver. Dr. Sarris said that mental health cannot be cured by potent drugs and supplements alone, he said “Some supplements may have a place to – but it’s important to see them as part of an integrated approach and not a magic bullet.

According to ADAA, social anxiety disorders are the most recurrent ailment in the U.S.  Which affects 40 million adults from the age of 18 and older. Imagine how most of these people rely mostly on over the counter drug prescription and supplements. Now, Anxiety disorder is not a disease or a virus where you have to take pills to get better. It’s a mental disorder in which developed mostly from multiple factors, it can be hereditary, your personality which shaped by the environment you live in and depressing life events. It involves mostly on how you feel about yourself and towards the people around you.

What better way to address social anxiety problem is a proper diet, exercise and meditation. You need to have a more positive perspective about yourself and how that positivity affects those people around you. The best way to appreciate one’s self is by feeling good deep inside and retains the sanity to take on every challenge that comes your way.


A few things that only people with social anxiety could relate to…


Being shy and introverted has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are the type of person who doesn’t really like speaking up in front of many people, like in a classroom or in a group. Then most likely you dreaded a lot of things when it comes to social interaction. Some of the things that most shy people could relate is that feeling of uneasiness when you are in a room full of strangers. The crowd is overwhelming itself, what more if you don’t even know a single individual inside that room. That annoying feeling when people tells you to speak a little bit louder when you are giving your report in the entire class. Or when your relatives tells you to “be more outgoing” and extroverted because everyone thinks that your shyness is an issue but you know it is not. Because you know yourself that as a shy person you have your strength as well. For one thing, people who are shy and quiet always thinks before speaking their mind, that makes them great listener and more considerate as friends, colleague and partner. Most quiet individuals have the making of a good leader because they tend to do twice as much of work to prove themselves. They would favor to be on a sideline and supporting someone than to be on the spotlight.

I don’t know if I can say that thinking before speaking is a strength for me. Because sometimes I over analyze and overthink things. As a result I tend to become foolish when I speak up and would contemplate afterwards why I said this and that. I always wish that I could be as witty and articulate as everyone else.  Sometimes I held back far too long that when I actually formed that phrases that I want to deliver it becomes insignificant anymore. I always like to participate in class and visualize myself raising up my hands and deliver the answer in a very articulate manner just like in the movies. But even though I know the answers most of the time I just couldn’t gather up that courage to raise my hand. Maybe because I always fear that my answers are not good enough and I end up regretting afterwards. That self confidence and self belief is just not there. I keep on motivating myself but my social anxiety keeps on dragging me down. I’m too self conscious and feared rejection and failure.

But little did I know that I am always has been a failure ever since I let my social anxiety took over me. I started to realize that this could not be happening forever. I need to do something to dig my self up from this hole I buried myself into. I’ve gone through high school and college without accomplishing anything significant. I don’t want to waste my life doing something that I am not happy with. Just because I settled for things that are easily achievable and forever waiting to gather up the courage to go for what I really want in life. If you want to start living your life, do it now. Not tomorrow, not next month or next year but now. Acknowledge your weaknesses and strengths, from there you set your goals and never give up even when other people tries to put you down.

Liberating Yourself From Stress And Anxiety With Natural Remedies

There loads of people that suffer from anxiety but there are plenty of more people that have this concern but do not even realize it mainly because they do not comprehend that their nervousness or anxiousness is in fact anxiety. For those of you who have anxiety there’s a good chance that your doctors have you on some type of medication. The truth of the matter is that prescription medication, while it could be helpful, isn’t necessary to deal with anxiety. Many folks are finding powerful relief from their anxiety with the use of natural remedies. You should keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another person, but there are many different methods that you could attempt to use to be able to contend with your anxiety.

There’s some people that have had great results by simply eliminating alcohol. Because everybody has such a busy life right now I am sure you comprehend that a lot of people don’t get the rest they need, but you ought to comprehend that this is something which is vitally important and will help you to decrease your anxiety. Loads of things are a result of a deficiency of B vitamins, so adding vitamin supplements to your additional rest, ought to do wonders for you. You might be missing other nutrients as a result of your dietary habits, so any extra vitamins taken might be really useful.

Limiting the volume of sugar you use, has had much success with lots of people and this goes for staying away from artificial sweeteners also. You may discover that there is only one certain type of sweetener that’s actually causing anxiety, and you are able to simply figure out this by eliminating certain sweeteners every day until your anxiety is diminished. For people who cannot give up sweeteners entirely, try and locate the ones that are causing anxiety and get rid of those. People that have anxiety issues are also adversely affected by the ingestion of caffeine, so it would be incredibly advisable for anyone with this condition to remove this from their diet as well. A thing that may surprise you is the large amount of individuals who have found huge relief by removing caffeine from their diet plan. Many individuals think that they need to have coffee in the morning for energy, but a mug of green tea might wind up working just as good.

For people who can feel an anxiety attack developing, you should get exercise as quickly as possible, because it can help take your mind off of your anxiety and may help the episode to pass quicker. You will need to find an activity where you are able to be focused on something apart from your anxiety.

You will feel better about yourself, if you can avoid medication for your anxiety mainly because sometimes the side-effects of the prescription medication might in fact make your anxiety worse. While we only discussed a number of the treatments in this article you’re going to find that there are lots of other natural ways that you are able to contend with your anxiety, you will simply have to do some research.

Picking The Right Foods Will Help Decrease Your Anxiety

Whether you deal with anxiety every day or if you only deal with it every once in a while, it will typically hit every person sometime in their lives. One thing you need to realize is that no matter how often you may have your concerns, there are men and women who have accepted that this anxiety is going to be with them for the rest of their lives. On the other hand by selecting the appropriate kinds of foods you will find that you will be able to help to lessen the amount of anxiety you have each day. In this article we will be addressing some of the foods you should stay away from and things you ought to be consuming to help battle your anxiety.

The one thing you should try to avoid if you have problems with anxiety is caffeine. Your heart rate will be raised when it comes to the usage of caffeine Not only that but you will also realize that you will end up getting a lesser amount of sleep which will also bring about anxiety problems. Another thing you should understand is that you don’t just find caffeine in coffee as it is in addition in soda as well as chocolate. Once you minimize or perhaps eliminate your caffeine intake you will probably find that your anxiety issues will end up decreasing.

Yet another item that needs to be avoided is alcohol for anybody who has problems with anxiety. You will find that alcohol can influence your sleep patterns and additionally dehydrate your body. These effects that over consumption of alcohol have on your body can actually end up causing your anxiety to be a whole lot worse. Your anxiety difficulties can be greatly lowered if you opt to refrain from drinking any kind of alcohol.

Complex Carbohydrates are one of the products that you will be able to eat that can actually lessen your stress and also anxiety levels. Digestion of these kinds of carbohydrate foods such as potatoes and also pasta, will end up taking longer which is also a great way to avoid spikes in your blood sugar. Although it has not been confirmed yet, research has shown that these carbohydrate foods may end up escalating the levels of serotonin in your brain, which is exactly what your body makes use of to relax.

Your anxiety can also be reduced by incorporating vitamin supplements or even eating lots of fruits and vegetables. The one thing you will find is that certain vitamins such as B-6, will also have the ability to boost your serotonin levels to help keep you more relaxed and also calm. While we discussed the B-vitamins, you will also discover that by getting all the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals, you will be able to help your body to function as it should and will in addition help to lessen stress related anxiety. With regards to managing anxiety issues, the better your body is nourished, the better it can help you deal with these issues. If you end up taking vitamins, you should make sure that you take them together with a full glass of water as well as drink plenty of water every single day. Being dehydrated can lead to anxiety troubles and the right amount of water and necessary nutrients will be able to help you with your anxiety.

While there are many other things you ought to make sure your body is getting each day to help battle anxiety, these few recommendations should start getting you on the proper track. These tips are a thing that have been able to help individuals who have moderate anxiety issues. If you would like to get the very same results as these various other men and women you need to simply take the first step and begin following the suggestions above.

Stress Management Courses-One Way to Overcome Stress

There are plenty of ways to handle stress. But, people soon realize that taking stress management courses are easy to do and will help them to reduce their stress. If you try to take a stress management course, this will prompt you to take a closer look at the things that are taking place in your world. It also helps you to develop new skills to help you overcome stress. Of course, you should try to find an approach that provides effective change for you. In this article we’ll be examining various types of stress management courses.

It does not matter what program you select because your main goal is to learn how to relax. Everyone needs to find the right work and play balance for their lives. Also, you need some time to take a break where you don’t have to worry about your deadlines or schedules. Spend these moments talking to a friend or walking on the treadmill. Or, you might want to spend time finishing up a hobby that you were working on. Although you might have a million things in the world to do, don’t forget to do something for yourself that is enjoyable. That is going to be your key focus when you are talking a stress management course. This is one of the key elements that you should demand when opting for a stress management company. Hospitals, as well as local colleges, may also offer stress management courses that can be helpful. Many such institutions now offer programs in stress management, and even if they don’t, they could probably point you in the right direction. Programs in regard to stress management will probably be available in your local town, city, or metropolitan area. It really doesn’t matter where you live, or if there is one in your region, as long as you can access the Internet you can find one there. It will probably be easy to find one, however, at a hospital near you because they do their best to prepare their employees for stress filled situations. Community colleges and online institutions may also offer these types of courses to the general public.

The problems of stress are addressed in many programs, some of which can be purchased through Nightingale Conant, a company that sells programs online for self-development. A lot of self-help gurus, such as Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, and others, have courses that can be found on their website. Not all of these programs are about managing stress directly, but you can learn to deal with stress with any related program, such as health, when you get tools that will help you relax. Any time you want to listen to one of these programs, and for as long as you want, is a very big advantage of these programs. If you are interested in managing your stress, this website can supply you with a good selection of programs.

There are a lot of stress management courses to pick that have their own unique strategies. You can get good results with a lot of programs such as the ones that concentrate on physical activities to the more subdued spiritual methods. The first step, of course, is to make the decision that you want to find a way to reduce stress in your life.

How To Defeat Social Anxiety And Modify Your Lifestyle For Good

Social anxiety is one of the things that influences all people even in some very small manner. This is a hugely variable experience that may only happen in certain special circumstances. Fear and anxiety are realized and depicted in numerous ways with people. People with specific social anxiety can experience any number of problems such as dry mouth, sudden and excessive sweating, queasiness, butterflies in the stomach, trouble breathing, and shaky hands. Whenever this takes place, it can produce a whole unique set of feelings from high frustration to even anger at one’s self. Keep reading to discover more about this distinctive experience and what you can do about it.

There are very many reasons for social anxiousness as well as contributors. It is possible to get in the routine of not being around people if your job, for example, is one that you carry out all by yourself. Being artificially cut-off from folks and society will only help sustain the condition – normally speaking. But those factors can be aggravated by thinking such as low self worth and related feelings and thoughts. You can start out small and safe by placing yourself around people to some pleasant extent. If that concept makes you stressed, then just do it in very small steps – but do it. Nevertheless think about all the things you can do. For instance, you can volunteer in your community. Whenever you put yourself out there, you might find that it does get significantly better.

Try to become more mindful of what you think each day. You may already realize that you engage in guessing or wondering what other people are thinking about as it relates to you. We bet you have because every person has been doing that at some point. The alternative part of that is when people accomplish it, they are inclined to only focus on what is wrong, bad – or just unfavorable. So if you do this, in a rather heavy and negative manner, then you need to take fast steps to curb that. You will want to cultivate new habits that do not include thinking that others think the worst about you. Look at that when you play this wondering game, you are believing to know what is happening in the minds of other people. You and I both understand that sort of thing can’t be done.

You do have the power to change your mind – commit to transforming your thought patterns to something far more positive. There is certainly nothing stopping you, although we know it can be hard and even irritating at times. What we are really talking about is making modifications in perspective in your everyday life. You just work on doing this each day until it turns into a habit of thinking. Also, you can do this in much less time than you may be thinking can be done. Experts and study have shown that it requires approximately three weeks to create a new habit. Plus when you attain this, you will be significantly less inclined to play the damaging guessing game.

Coping With Stress Pertaining to Your Boss at Work

It is not hard to be slowed down by stress in the workplace after we have been working at the same place for a long time. Marvelously flexibility is a way to describe people and therefore we tend to take it as it comes and just dismiss it. The only problem with that approach is it does not work very well. Our bodies take the heat for the stress we undergo; it remains there and acts in the background. Once we have dealt with stress for too long, we are inviting medical issues to enter our lives. This is the reason we need to put our thinking caps on and work on stress reduction actions that are both healthful and helpful.

As much as 90 percent or more of the public have experienced bosses such as these. Of course not all managers and supervisors are like that, and we need to be fair about it. As stated, one of the greatest frustrations is the very real possibility that your only form of control is to leave the job. Of course not everyone can do that. In this situation, we highly suggest that you believe it is not personal, even though it may be, because that has a way of reducing the sting.

You know how to ignore something or someone, and that is really the best way to deal with managers. Now let’s take a look at what we can control in our lives. Most people have a circle of influence that is within our grasp to change. This is the place that you need to put your energy. One thing we do have control over is our minds and what we choose to think. Changing the stress level you currently feel has to do with processing what you are experiencing in a different manner. Most of the time things that upset you won’t anymore if you simply let it flow by. If other people at work are constantly bothering you, by taking these positive steps it will not disturb you as much anymore.

Coworkers are notorious for getting under each other’s skin because of certain work conditions. Some people have very distinct negative feelings toward coworkers that they work with on a daily basis. Also, one of the most difficult strategies to employ is eliminating the feeling, or desire, to compete with that person in any manner. You should stop making negative and detrimental remarks between each other. Basically, you need to stop engaging in any type of negative verbal or physical interaction with this person which can make a world of difference. By allowing the other person to feel superior during your interactions, the negativity may begin to abate.

However, the welcome news is tension on your job can be handled and it isn’t difficult. However, don’t forget that in reality, you are responsible for managing your own stress levels. A good place to start is with taking a close look at your work habits. It might be surprising what you will find if you do this. You can then try to make the stress level lower.